Thursday, February 28, 2013


Although there is still snow on the ground and a chill in the air, the subject of ice cream has filled almost every conversation my husband and I have had for the past few weeks. Why? Because we are totally in love with Bobby's frozen treats. (Click on Bobby's link to find out more!)

We have been marking days off our calendar as faithfully as a child at Christmas, impatiently drooling in anticipation of that Turtle Concrete or a gigantic Banana Split. Not normally being a real ice cream lover myself, discovering Bobby's has tuned my tongue into craving a scoop or a cup or a sugar cone of frosty deliciousness. There is something unique and magical about the creamy cold delights that their smiling employees pass through the window. Even in these frigid temps, suddenly there is sunshine!

Maybe it is because holding a dripping cone of vanilla infused goodness reminds us of summer... Of  tans and beaches and ballgames and lightning bugs and fresh air and flowers...and sundaes and concretes and malts and everything yummy!

But not only does Bobby's produce music in your mouth, they also provide summer concerts for all to enjoy. What could be better than a sweet spring night listening to a band while you slurp the chocolately perfection of a thick, heavenly shake?

I know. I know...We are all watching our weight this year. But even if we have to give up a portion of pizza or a few tacos, it is well worth it. Just pencil Bobby's into your schedule for the weekend and limit your calories accordingly. I guarantee it won't hurt a bit! (Except for an occasional brain freeze!)

My husband and I might have to bundle up in our coats and enjoy our Bobby's treats from the warmth of our car, but you better believe we are gonna be in line tomorrow when the custard starts to flow!

Bobby's. It's just another wonderful thing we have in common...

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Webster defines happiness as: an agreeable feeling or condition of the soul arising from good fortune or propitious happening of any kind. And the word hippie is described as: a person who opposes and rejects many of the conventional standards and customs of society; one who promotes a world of peace and love.
 So, one would assume from the title of my blog that my marriage has been a giant syrupy ball of euphoric harmony.
But, of course you would be wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong!

What Webster failed to tell us is two important facts. 1. happiness is time sensitive. And 2. happiness has no boundaries.
I've learned about the time sensitive quirk of happiness from personal experience. For example: A joke that my husband told me when we first met may have caused me to burst with laughter, feel giddy and young, make happiness swell up inside my heart...provoke me to smile like a toothy idiot.
However, after some time has passed (almost 38 years), him telling the very same joke may make me want to stuff a huge feather pillow into his freaking mouth and shut him in the closet.

So, you see what I'm saying here?

Also, the boundaries of happiness are constantly changing. Just like a thermometer. Up and down. Cold and hot. As a newlywed, happiness was having an extra twenty dollars left over after paying the bills. Oh, joy, joy! That money meant we could splurge on a drive-in movie, pizza, or a new record album. We were thrilled. Happy.
Yet, today that twenty dollars would depress me. My happiness would be waaaaay down on the happiness scale. Not to mention it could possibly cause a famous "budget fight" -which have repeatedly proved to be a solid hour of tears, innuendos, curses and wasted time. And that's never good.

As for the "hippie" part... well, we all have our own conception of that word. To me, it was a gentle man who made me see the sweetness in days, who was not overbearing or pretentious, who made life burst with excitement  and color... and won my heart in the summer of '75.

And that is sorta what this blog is all about. Those peaks and valleys of life, love and family. The diversity and variation of happiness. And the long-haired, bell-bottomed hippie who is now a clean-shaven guy whose jokes still make me smile.